Centre for Preventive and General Medicine

The staff in our medical health centre are specialised in crisis-management, general practitioning and in the early diagnosis and prevention of illnesses.

Their core competence is based on providing help to people in situations of burnout, acute stress, depression and other forms of personal crisis.

The backgrounds of our specialists range from general and inner medicine, complementary medicine, psychotherapy, psychiatry, ethics, culture, to behavioural science, sports science and kinesiology. please click here.

Welcome to our
Centre for Personal and Corporate Health

Each of our health specialists has been chosen because of his/her particular qualifications and experience. They all work as a tightly coordinated multidisciplinary team in caring for the health and well-being of our clients in the following fields:

  • Crisis management
  • General practitioning
  • Early diagnosis & prevention
  • Psychotherapy & psychiatry
  • Corporate health development
  • Corporate health management
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