Supporting our clients in maintaining – or regaining – their optimal state of health, we focus on providing a precise diagnosis of symptoms and causes as early as possible.

The views and values of our clients are central to our work. We would like to be perceived as: 

reliable & thorough

  • in all of our diagnostic, prognostic, interventionist and follow-up work
  • from crisis management at a personal level to health management at an organisational level – with attention to each particular social, cultural and ethical context
  • through a closely coordinated team of specialists from the following fields:
    • mainstream and complementary medicine
    • psychotherapy, psychiatry, sociology, culture, ethics
    • behavioural and sport science, kinesiology
    • corporate health

empathetic & professional

in the service of our clients, we wish them to
  • feel assured that they are in particularly gifted and competent hands
  • feel fully understood
  • be sure that they are getting the support they need.

Very Private Health - at Praevmedic

A set of services for people who regard their HEALTH as their most precious WEALTH and who are looking for discreet, empathetic & professional Health Management.

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