Health Consultations

Designed for people who wish to strengthen, maintain and/or restore their genuine mental and physical vitality

Consultations for general medical conditions and concerns

Our doctors provide general medical treatment & offer their qualified advice on most types of health issues for the whole family.

We also work with renowned medical specialists in Switzerland an abroad.

Consultations for mental-emotional conditions and concerns

such as

  • Acute crisis, anxiety, severe distress
  • Chronic self-doubt, endless hopelessness
  • Recurring troubling nightmares
  • Emotional exhaustion
  • Loss of purpose, loss of vitality
  • Loss of personal credibility
  • Destructive dynamics in relationships
  • Identity & sexual-orientation issues
  • Conflicts of mentalities & values
  • Victimisation & oppression

Preventive health screening and health monitoring

  • Comprehensive somatic screening & advice
  • Full dermatological screening & advice
  • Food-intolerance screening & advice
  • 24-hour monitoring e.g. blood-pressure, heart rate
  • Periodic monitoring of specific medical conditions
  • Comprehensive psychological screening & advice
  • Ethical health consultations
  • Periodic mental-health monitoring


We have a non-line policy for data-security purposes. No medical or personal information is recorded by us electronically. Special security measures and utmost discretionat all times enable us to permanently safeguard the privacy of our clients.


For further information please contact us by telephone +41 44 261 5040.
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